About Us

Financial Concepts provides advice, tips, tactics and proven strategies to help you address your various wealth accumulation, management and preservation needs and goals.

Our approach will include:

> Accumulating wealth and growing your assets
> Protecting your wealth by managing risk and using insurance or other solutions
> Converting your wealth to an income stream
> Transferring wealth to your heirs and creating a legacy

In addition to providing wealth management advice and offerings through our partner network, we offer a range of services that address your various tax, estate and financial planning needs.

Enjoy our extensive library of educational guides and bulletins covering a wide variety of planning topics.

About Me
I have been involved in business management, consulting and financial planning for some time now. Beyond a professional it has become a hobby, so I practically live, eat and breathe the stuff. I have learned 'the other side' of most financial matters that are sometimes only privy to an elite few and I truly enjoy exposing the truth. So I find out what's happening and why, and share this with all.

Some of my fondest resources are from Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture, David Rosenberg and what Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway is up to behind the scenes, as an example.

I give Economic, Social and Global trend briefings from some of the world's brightest minds at my blog http://saveriomanzo.com/ and http://saveriomanzo.blogspot.com/ .

I also provide true and tested financial planning and wealth advice.

Most recently, over the past few years, I have become socially conscious and have been attempting to practice ways in which I can live my life more environmentally friendly.

In addition, I truly believe in being philanthropic, giving and doing unto other as we would have them do unto us.

Saverio Manzo